Sheik Zayed Housing Programme

It is by virtue of an agreement with

The Sheik Zayed Housing Programme
that the Authority has opened centers for customers' happiness at the headquarters of the programme in Al Fujaira and Ras Al Khayma Emirates.


Insurance Authority 

This is an agreement that permits the data exchange with the insurance authority with the aim of supporting its strategic vision in localization in a manner that helps ensuring a precise database of the citizens working in the sector who are registered with the "Pension Authority" and identifying the priorities of the insurance authority to support its efforts in localizing this sector.  


The Emirates Authority for Identity and Citizenship 

This is an agreement for electronic connection and exchange of data that serve the work of both authorities and the adoption of the ID as a primary source in supporting electronic and smart services provided by the two authorities.

Etihad Airways 

This is an agreement under which the Etihad flight offers discounts on the flight tickets to the authority staff along with a set of other advantages related to travelling and tourism services.

Abu Dhabi Police

This is an agreement related to activating the electronic connection and data and information exchange; and facilitating the use of the services and abilities of the two in a manner that ensures the provision of distinguished social services to the deserving retired criticizes of the public authority of pension and social insurance.

Social Cooperation Fund of the Employees of the Ministry of Interior (Fazaa) 

This is an initiative to provide "fazaa" Card to the retired and deserved citizens of the pension authority, as well as to the staff of the authority.

Dubai Municipality

It is by virtue of an agreement with Dubai Municipality that the authority provides its services in the two centers of Al Tawar and Al  Manara through the centers of services based in these headquarters.


An agreement has been concluded with Etisalat through which an exchange of data between the two parties is made with the aim of realizing their vision in customer services in the best manner.