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GPSSA: Payment of Private Sector Companies Subscriptions delayed for Three Months

31 March 2020

General Pension & Social Security Authority (GPSSA) stated that it would allow subscriber private sector companies to defer the payment of subscriptions to the Authority for their staff for three months starting as of March and ending in May 2020. This period will be extendable based on the Authority's assessment of the current situation and based on the announcement of the updates after the end of the grace period...... Read More

GPSSA: Distribution of Beneficiaries

30 March 2020

Finalizing its awareness campaign on the importance of social solidarity to enhance the means healthcare under the slogan of "Our Solidarity makes our present and secures our future", the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) stated that the distribution of pension shares to the beneficiaries according to the dependency principle profoundly establishes the solidarity values, which are typical of the UAE society. Thus, such shares will be distributed on the persons sustained by the insured or the pensioner during his/her lifetime...... Read More

GPSSA: 100% completion of pension payroll remotely

26 March 2020

Mohamed Saif Al Hameli, Director General of the General Pension & Social Security Authority (GPSSA), stated that GPSSA finalized the formalities for remote periodic payment for 100 % of retirement pensions this March. He pointed out that thanks to the concerted efforts made by the relevant sectors at the Authority, many retirement pension-related operations were enhanced. As a result, the retirement pensions for March were remotely paid...... Read More

GPSSA: Activate Remote Employment in All Customer Happiness Centers

19 March 2020

Abu Dhabi March 19, 2020: The General Pension and Social Security Authority announced the activation of remote employment in all customer happiness centers of the Authority in the State various emirates as of next Sunday, March 22, 2020. Therefore, all centers will be closed until further notice; and all services will be provided to customers through the website, or the call center on the toll free number 80010. Hanan Al Sahlawi, Executive Director of the Authority Pensions Sector said that activating the remote employment system is a step aiming at supporting the government measures to reduce the spread of Corona virus, noting that the Authority adapts the procedures to ensure that services are effectively and efficiently provided as they were in its customer happiness centers. She said that all Authority services will not be affected by any measures taken in such circumstances in order to maintain the customers and employees health and safety. On the contrary, the Authority is going to double the efforts to complete transactions at rates higher than the target. Al Sahlawi stressed that social solidarity and cohesion that characterizes the UAE society is capable of overcoming the challenges left by Corona virus on various business sectors, including pension sector, noting that the Authority in particular will benefit from this experience generated from Corona virus to develop scenarios in order to deal with such crises in the future...... Read More

GPSSA: Pension payment continues without the need to update data

18 March 2020

The General Pension and Social Security Authority has said that it is to support the guidance of our rational government in taking all precautionary measures by all entities working in the country to limit the spread of Corona virus, the Authority will continue to pay pensions to retirees and beneficiaries without the need to visit any of its centers to update the data and until further notice. The Authority has indicated that this procedure was requiring the retirees and beneficiaries to ensure the continuing payment of pensions properly...... Read More

GPSSA Board of Directors approves the Authority

17 March 2020

Dubai, March 17, 2020: His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Pension and Social Security Authority, has chaired the board meeting today, Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at the Ruler's Court headquarters in Dubai...... Read More

GPSSA: activate remote employment system in the Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah Customer Happiness Centers

16 March 2020

The General Pension and Social Security Authority has announced the start of the first stage to activate remote employment system in Customer Happiness Centers in both Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, where the services of these centers will be provided through the Authority’s website, within the package of services provided by the Authority to various groups benefiting from its services. It will also be possible to obtain these services by calling the Authority’s number 80010...... Read More

Mohammed Saif Al Hameli: Remote employment is an effective strategy to face health challenges

11 March 2020

Mohammed Saif Al Hameli, Director General of the General Pension and Social Security Authority, has said in a special statement to Al-Ittihad Newspaper, “In such circumstances as the emerging novel "Corona" virus "Covid 19", the idea of "remote employment" must be used. Studies have proven "Productivity of most employees globally is equivalent to only one third of work time, and the other time will be for other things not related to productivity."..... Read More

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