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Mohamed Saif Al-Hameli: Success of Al-Amal (Hope Probe) Mission marks a success of the Arab World

20 July 2020

Mohamed Saif Al-Hameli, General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA), asserted that the success of launching Al-Amal (Hope Probe) Mission is a success of the Arabian will and a glimmer of hope which will give the Arab youth confidence in their future and the future of their home countries. ..... Read More

Chaired by HRH Hemdan bin Rashed GPSSA Board approves the Closing Financial Statements of the Authority Financial Year 2019

13 July 2020

HRH Sheikh Hemdan bin Rashed Al Maktoom, the Deputy Governor of Dubai, Minister of Finance and Chairman of GPSSA Board of Directors chaired the virtual meeting of the Board this morning on Monday. The meeting was started by HRH welcoming the attendee esteemed members of the Board and wishing them success in their work. HRH Sheikh Hemdan started to discuss the agenda. He approved the minutes of the previous meeting and reviewed the procedures taken by the Authority Management regarding the implementation of the resolutions and recommendations issued by it. He also approved the resolutions and recommendations issued by its sub-committees, namely, the Executive Committee, High Human Resources and Remuneration Committee, Investment Committee and Audit and Risk Committee...... Read More

Extension of Postponed Retirement Subscriptions Payment for Further 3 Months for Private Sector employers

1 July 2020

The General Pension and Social Security Authority and the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pension & Benefits Fund announced that the grace period has been extended for private-sector employers wishing to postpone the payment of retirement subscriptions of their employees for further three months starting as of June 2020 until August 2020 without charging any additional fees to such entities...... Read More

GPSSA: Payment of AED 321 million for June, as pensions to retirees and eligible beneficiaries

23 June 2020

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) announced that the retirement pensions for GPSSA retirees and eligible beneficiaries for June will be paid. GPSSA stated that the pensions which will be paid for this month will amount to AED 321,477,024 compared to AED 315,418,163 for last June, which accounts for AED 6,000,000 more than last June. The beneficiaries of pensions for this month are 16,538 retirees and 7,415 eligible beneficiaries, compared to about 16,132 retirees and 6,969 eligible beneficiaries for the same month last year...... Read More

Mohamed Saif Al Hameli: Ranking First in 23 International Indicators is a Medal of Honor for our Government and Human Cadres

19 June 2020

Mohamed Saif Al Hameli, Director General of the General Pension & Social Security Authority (GPSSA), said that the UAE ranked first in 23 international indicators and achieved advanced positions in many of the factors and indicators of the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2020, featuring a medal of honor for our good government and human cadres...... Read More

GPSSA: We intensify the training programs to change the COVID-19 challenges into opportunities

16 June 2020

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) stated that it changes the challenges into opportunities through intensifying the training programs for its employees during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) epidemic. GPSSA pointed out that the UAE Government is flexible in dealing with the COVID-19 updates and takes the precautionary measures including the remote work. The Authority thus intensified its training programs for developing the skills of its employees and investing in their time through the remote training programs...... Read More

Mohamed Saif Alhameli: We’re committed to the Government’s approach in fighting against Coronavirus through preventive measures

9 June 2020

​Mr. Mohamed Saif Alhameli, the General Director of the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA), asserted that the Authority is committed to the Government’s approach to combat Coronavirus by following the preventive measures. He pointed out that the Authority took all the precautionary measures to protect the safety and security of its employees and the categories of persons transacting with the Authority since the early outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and has been committed to activate the Remote Work System at 100 % for all the staff members, to provide the maximum protection to its employees and their families. In addition, the Authority turned into providing all the its services remotely even at the level of the Call Center, which enhanced the efforts of our Government to minimize the spread of Coronavirus...... Read More

GPSSA: Payment of AED 319 million as pensions to retirees and eligible persons for May tomorrow

19 May 2020

General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) stated that the retirement pensions for May 2020 will be paid tomorrow, Wednesday. The paid pensions for this month amount to three hundred nineteen million eight hundred five thousand one hundred and forty eight dirhams (AED 319,805,148) compared to about three hundred eight million eight hundred fifteen thousand and twenty dirhams (AED 308,815,020) for May 2019, i.e. at eleven million dirhams (AED 11 million) more. ..... Read More

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