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GPSSA: We Appreciate the Government’s Directions to Elevate the Service-Level at Sharjah Center and We Will Work to Develop A Plan Aimed at Improving All Services Provided in Our Centers

16 September 2019

GPSSA: We Appreciate the Government’s Directions to Elevate the Service-Level at Sharjah Center and We Will Work to Develop A Plan Aimed at Improving All Services Provided in Our Centers

Abu Dhabi, September 16th, 2019:  H.E Mohammed Saif Al Hameli, Acting Director General of GPSSA stated that GPSSA appreciates the evaluation results of services centers which was announced by HH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. He said that GPSSA is in the process of taking immediate actions to improve and elevate the service-level at the Customer Happiness Center - Sharjah. In addition, GPSSA is also developing a qualitative plan to develop these centers and their services in line with both the Government’s and customers’ visions.

Al Hameli noted that GPSSA views the evaluation results in a positive light as this will advance its efforts to develop these centers in fulfillment of the Government’s standards that must be met at Customer Happiness Centers in order to achieve the highest possible level of happiness for customers with their experience at its centers. He noted that in addition to its commitment to implement a digital transformation plan which was developed in 2014, GPSSA is currently developing a digital policy draft which will allow customers to receive all services via mobile phones thus decreasing dependence on service centers.

Al Hameli said that during the past years, GPSSA has developed many of its procedures and services and is still moving in this direction in order to improve the level of services provided for customers. He added that many services procedures were reduced in a manner that exceeded expectations and that within a short period of time GPSSA has overcome many challenges related to services speed and efficiency, most notably is the end of service procedure which is now being carried out in a significantly shorter amount of time.

He stated that many challenges face the insurance sector including the different categories of citizens GPSSA deals with, the thing which requires different sets of services that are suitable for each category and its services. He added that GPSSA is working to come up with non-conventional solutions to face these challenges, especially ones related to the environment and external factors.

Al Hameli stressed the importance of the environment in which services are provided, noting that first impressions of the place and how employees provide their services are all important things that often contribute to making customers happy. This is due to the fact that customers are essentially humans who wish to receive the appreciation fit for what they give their countries, the thing which GPSSA will focus on preparing its employees for in the development plans.

 Al Hameli said that he, along with GPSSA’s team, have the utmost respect for all categories benefiting from GPSSA’s services including elderly retired citizens. He stressed that GPSSA will save no effort in providing services that match their expectations and will work to develop every aspect of the environment that would make customers happier in the coming stage, thus strengthening customers’ trust in GPSSA’s mission and Government’s trust in GPSSA’s performence.

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