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GPSSA Launches its Campaign: “The Quality of our Services... Our Highest Priority” to Promote its E-services

23 September 2019

GPSSA Launches its Campaign: “The Quality of our Services... Our Highest Priority” to Promote its E-services

Abu Dhabi, September 22nd, 2019: GPSSA has announced the launch of its campaign “The Quality of our Services...Our Highest Priority” which focuses on promoting the main services that GPSSA has re-designed to be more in line with customers’ expectations and needs, in conformity with the Government’s direction to provide high-quality e-services that meet customers’ current and future needs.

GPSSA noted that elevating the services’ quality helps achieve its strategic goals of providing distinguished retirement services based on the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency which advances GPSSA’s efforts to sustain its resources and invest and develop its assets as best as possible. GPSSA stated that it is necessary to advertise these services in light of GPSSA’s efforts to make all its services completely automated and increase the use of these services to the highest possible level, in addition to educating these groups on how to use such services.

 GPSSA stated that the development plans focused on providing integrated technical solutions based on the needs of the groups benefiting from its services in order to save costs, time and effort as well as help enhance the capability of employers in benefiting from technology in their work in regard to operations related to employees’ social security. According to GPSSA, making services like insured persons registration and remuneration of social security benefits in addition to some procedural services automated is a classic example of this development which has helped improve the quality of business environment between GPSSA and the institutions benefiting from its fund.

GPSSA stressed that during the past years, it was keen to develop systems that help provide unconventional solutions for a number of the key challenges posed in the social security sector, some of these practices were even copied and utilized by some insurers in the Gulf. Among these innovations was the online subscriptions collection system which helped expediate the process of subscription payment and remuneration request for all groups. Another one of these innovations was the end of service form which helped expediate the end of service applications and allowed each customer to receive remuneration immediately following end of service within a period not exceeding 14 days. 

GPSSA said that it is currently developing plans to benefit from modern technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and others for the purpose of utilizing these technologies and create unique human experiences in completing transactions, the thing which would help raise the happiness and satisfaction rate for GPSSA’s services. It also mentioned that GPSSA realizes the significance of this change in developing the technological infrastructure to reach the highest levels possible.

GPSSA has also advised all employers and groups benefiting from its services to maintain the files on the insured’s start and end of service and to ensure that the dates for the same are accurate as well as to pay all subscriptions on time. It noted that one of the key challenges facing it in regard to e-services is that employers sometimes do not provide such important information and files which adversely affects the interests of the insured, stressing that providing up-to-date versions of this information helps utilize all development opportunities and advance GPSSA’s efforts in future social security planning. 

GPSSA invited all covered groups to benefit from the campaign’s outcomes and follow the campaign through social media and various media outlets. The campaign will introduce these services and their mechanisms and how to access them. In addition, GPSSA will conduct a number of awareness workshops and open days to address questions related to these services and reach the highest number of people possible. GPSSA will also announce the services that were developed and the new services to educate all targeted groups about them.

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