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GPSSA: Distribution of Beneficiaries' Shares based on Dependency Principle fosters Solidarity Values of UAE Society

30 March 2020

GPSSA: Distribution of Beneficiaries

GPSSA Awareness Campaign on the Importance of Social Solidarity 

Abu Dhabi, March 30, 2020 – Finalizing its awareness campaign on the importance of social solidarity to enhance the means healthcare under the slogan of "Our Solidarity makes our present and secures our future", the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) stated that the distribution of pension shares to the beneficiaries according to the dependency principle profoundly establishes the solidarity values, which are typical of the UAE society. Thus, such shares will be distributed on the persons sustained by the insured or the pensioner during his/her lifetime.

Hanan Al Sahlawi, Executive Director of the GPSSA Pensions Sector, explained that the retirement pension is not deemed an inheritance share under Sharia provisions. Rather, its distribution is subject to the provisions of the Pensions Law which extended the umbrella of insurance protection to cover all the dependents of the pensioner during his/her lifetime. The distribution of insurance shares extends to sons, daughters, widows, brothers, sisters and parents, even if they are not Emirati nationals or are residing abroad.

"There are other forms of social solidarity at law, including indemnities which are stipulated by the law as one of the most important benefits. The law provided that the pensioner's dependents, sustained during pensioner's lifetime, shall be paid an amount equivalent to the pension entitled by the pensioner for the month in which he/she died and the three months following the death month. Such payment shall be made only once upon the pensioner's death, and such amount shall be deemed a non-refundable grant which may not be detained against the payment of any debt and shall be exempted from taxes and duties of all types." Al Sahlawi said.

"Meanwhile, the heirs of the insured whose service was terminated because of natural death shall be paid a lump-sum indemnity of sixty thousand dirhams (AED 60,000). If the insured dies because of a work injury, the heirs thereof shall be paid a lump-sum indemnity of seventy-five thousand dirhams (AED 75,000). Such amounts shall be paid along with the due monthly pension received from the Authority. Payments in both cases shall be distributed in accordance with the Sharia provisions on inheritance." Al-Sahlawi added.

Al Sahlawi pointed out that the insured shall be paid a lump-sum indemnity of seventy-five thousand dirhams (AED 75,000) if the insured's injury at work resulted in total disability. On the other hand, if an insured sustains a partial indemnity because of injury at work, he/she will be entitled to an indemnity calculated as follows: disability percentage X AED 75,000.

Al Sahlawi highlighted that GPSSA's statistics for 2019 show that GPSSA paid indemnities at an amount of two million three hundred seventy thousand dirhams (AED 2,370,000) compared to an amount of three million and thirty thousand dirhams (AED 3,030,000) in 2018. Such indemnities were paid either for the end of the insureds' service because of natural death, fatal work injury, total or partial disability as a result of  a work injury.

Al Sahlawi asserted that GPSSA is committed to achieving solidarity for the insureds and retired persons for purely humanitarian reasons related to maintaining the fabric of the family.  In addition, she highlighted that insurance benefits would not be affected by any error violating the law, which could be committed by the insured or the retired person. She also stated that for an insured or pensioner who is subject to a disciplinary measure depriving him/her of a part of the pension, the beneficiaries of such pensioner will be paid their entire shares from the entire pension set forth in the law.

"If an insured or pensioner ceases to be an Emirati national or if the Emirati nationality is withdrawn from such insured/pension, he/she shall be deprived of the entitled pension, but his/her beneficiaries will, upon his/her death, receive their entire shares if they are Emirati nationals. If the beneficiaries cease to be Emirati nationals or are not Emirati nationals, they shall receive half their shares, demonstrating how fair the Solidarity Pensions Law is." Al Sahlawi commented.

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