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GPSSA: GPSSA Medical Commission remotely examines applications about medical fitness for service

7 April 2020

GPSSA: GPSSA Medical Commission remotely examines applications about medical fitness for service

Abu Dhabi, April 7, 2020: GPSSA Medical Commission remotely held its meeting to examine the applications regarding medical fitness for service and applications about incapability for earning a living. During such remotely held meeting, the Medical Commission stated that two out of eight applicants from GPSSA member work entities proved to be medically unfit for service. 

Furthermore, the Medical Commission stated that eight beneficiaries proved to be unable to earn their living. Thus, the number of cases approved by the Medical Commission is ten (10) cases out of seventeen (17) cases submitted to the Medical Commission during March 2020.

Dr. Hussain Mohammed Abdulrahman Al Rand, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health & Prevention for Health Centers and Clinics and Chairman of the Medical Committee, said, "Through the Medical Committee, we aim at protecting the health and safety of the staff working in all the different work sectors in the United Arab Emirates. Their health is a priority for the work of the Medical Committee which examines, with complete integrity and impartiality, the applications it receives whether from the insured, the persons sustaining the insured or the retirees during their lifetime. The Medical Committee makes its decisions after referring the medical reports of the submitted medical conditions to consultants from different specialties."

Meanwhile, Hanan Al Sahlawi, the Executive Director of the GPSSA Pensions Sector and the GPSSA representative at the Medical Committee, stressed that the decisions issued by the Pensions Medical Committee result in financial implications. GPSSA pays retirement pensions for persons who proved to be unfit for work, pursuant to the provisions of the Pensions and Social Security Law.

Al Sahlawi also pointed out that if the insured's service is terminated because of a total disability resulting from a work injury, such insured shall be given 100 % from the salary of pension account, given that he/she had spent thirty-five (35) years of service, even if such insured subscribed for only one month to social security. She also explained that work injury means the injury which resulted from an accident the insured has during or because of work or any occupational disease the insured has and also any accident which the insured has during the period he/she goes to or returns from work.

Al Sahlawi added that if the insured retires because of total disability not resulting from work injury or if the insured retires because of being medically unfit for service, the insured's service term will be automatically increased as if the insured had spent a subscription period of fifteen years if his/her service period is less than such period or will be increased based on the actual subscription period, whichever is longer. Thus, the insured will receive a retirement pension at 60 % from the salary of his/her pension account.

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