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Disbursement of the Pension for The Insured or Pensioner Beneficiaries

Last Update: 6/2/2020 2:05:40 PM

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An eligible person can apply for the disbursement of the superannuation pension for him/ her on its due date as per the provisions of the law.

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Estimated Time

15 working days

Required Documents

​• Application form of disbursing the eligible person's dues, provided that the information of such application shall be fulfilled and duly filled.
• Certificate of Death
• Certificate of Succession/ Determination of Successors
• International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of the eligible heirs or the custody and the certificate of curatorship in case there are minor children.
• A confirmation of the non-marriage status and unemployment for the girls exceeding 21 years of age.
• Certificate of Study Continuation for the sons, if they continued their study after the age of 21.
• Copy of Identification Card of each heir.
• If any heir is incapable of earning a livelihood, a certificate issued by the medical committee providing the same shall be provided to us.

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Not Applicable

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 Abu Dhabi - Headquarter,  Dubai - Al Tawar branch,  Dubai - Elmanara Branch,  Sharjah Branch

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