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Disbursement of social security benefits

Last Update: 6/2/2020 12:24:24 PM

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Disbursement of insured's social security benefits end of service, pension salary, beneficiary pension salary, compensation) at his/her end of service in accordance with the provisions of law.

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Required Documents

Required documents: 
​- Emirates ID copies of the insured and his/her family members
- Copy of the family book
- Letter from the Ministry of Interior specifying the date of acquiring the UAE Nationality, in case of naturalization.
- Original end of service financial procedure
- Original end of service decree
- Latest financial procedure (periodic allowance – social allowance).​
- Resolution of the pertinent medical committee (formed by ministrial decree 924 for the year 2014 - by the Minister of Health) to confirm disability or unfitness for service
- Financial form for the previously added service periods (if applicable)
- In case of the Insured’s death, the employer shall provide GPSSA with the death certificate and inform his/her successors to contact GPSSA
- Bank Account Details Certificate (IBAN)
- Endorsed copy of this form (Insured End of Service Form)


  • The UAE employee must be registered as a contributor under the employer's account at GPSSA.
  • The request must be submitted within a maximum period of one month from the insured's last working date.

Service Procedure

- Visit customer service center.   
- Provide required documents. 

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  1. FAQ
    1. What is meant by work injury in Pensions Law?
      1. work injuries are:

        • The injury caused by an accident, which happened during the working hours or because of work.
        • The injury happens to the insured while going to or returning from his work.
        • The profession related illness resulting from the nature of the materials used in work.

        Death resulting from work stress and exhaustion​.

    2. What are the benefits stated by Pensions Law to the insured who has not met pension entitlement requirements?
      1. End of Service Remuneration shall be calculated as follows:

        Service periodGratuity due against each year of service
        1 – 5 yearsOne month and half salary
        Next 5 yearsTwo-month salary
        Subsequent 5 yearsThree-month salary​
    3. What are the consequences of the insured service end under a disciplinary decision by the employer in relation to entitlement of pension or gratuity?
        • The insured shall be deprived from quarter of gratuity.
        • The pensioner shall be deprived from quarter of pension. ​
    4. What are the benefits of contribution in GPSSA Social Security System?
      1. ​The contribution in social security provides citizens with many benefits in return for contributions paid by employers and deducted from the employees’ salaries. These benefits include retirement pensions or one-time bonus for service termination for any reason.​​

    5. What is the minimum rate of retirement pension to be paid by the Authority?
      1. AED 10.000 to be paid monthly as from 01/01/2012.​
    6. When shall the insured who suffers work injury be entitled to pension?
      1. Yes. The concerned insured person shall be entitled to pension if work injury resulted in death or total disability regardless of the service period.​
    7. Which salary whereby gratuity shall be calculated?
      1. It is the same as Pension Calculation Salary (Check the answer of the first question under the category "Pension Calculation")​.

        Example: An insured worked for 11 years in a governmental authority and his average Pension Calculation Salary was AED 20.000 during the last three years of his service.

        1.5 x 20.000 x 5 = AED 150.000

        2 x 20.000 x 5 = AED 200.000

        3 x 20.000 x 1 = AED 60.000

        Total due gratuity = AED 410.000​​​​

    8. Is pension or gratuity is subject to deduction or seizure?
      1. Yes, seizure may be applied according to the following conditions:

        • The seizure shall be in payment of alimentary debt decided by the court.
        • The seizure shall be in payment of government debt for reasons relating to work or to recover amounts paid to the insured unreasonably during his service.
        • Rate of seizure shall not exceed ¼ of pension or gratuity.
    9. Can the medical reports issued from specialized medical committees in UAE be considered to prove a case of total or partial disability?
      1. The Pension Law mandates a special medical committee, established by the Minister of Health, to prove cases of total disability and medical unfitness in compliance with the Law on Pension and Social Security provisions. ​​
    10. Is the insured entitled to pension in case of service termination due to dismissal or removal?
      1. -  Yes, the insured is entitled to pension in these cases if he has contribution period of 15 years in security scheme.

        -   The insured is also entitled to pension in case of service termination under a disciplinary decision by the employer or court judgment if he has contribution period of 15 years in security scheme.

        * Note: 10% of pension shall be deducted in such cases.​

    11. When does pension become payable?
      1. Pension becomes payable on the next day of service termination.​
    12. Are there any other benefits in relation to cases of death and total disability resulted from work injury together with pension?
      1. Yes, there is a compensation for AED 75.000 to be given to heirs in case of death and to the insured who suffered total disability due to work injury.
    13. What are the provisions of law applicable if the insured service period exceeded 35 years?
      1. The insured shall be given a gratuity against the extra period at the rate of 3-month salary per year using the category of Pension Calculation Salary.

        Example: An insured whose service period lasted for 38 years and his average of Contribution Calculation Salary was AED 25.000.

        Gratuity = 3 x AED 25.000 x 3 = AED 275.000 plus retirement pension.​​

    14. Are there any other benefits entitled to the retired employee in relation to pension and gratuity if the insured service period exceeded 35 years?
      1. In this case, the insured shall be entitled to death grant for (AED 60.000) if his service was terminated due to natural death, to be allocated to his legal heirs.​
    15. When shall work injury related pension start?
      1. Work injury related pension shall start as from the next day of service termination due to death or total disability.​
    16. If work injury resulted in partial disability to the insured, what are the benefits which Pension Law gives to the insured?
      1. The insured shall be entitled to a compensation at the rate of disability resulted from work injury to total disability compensation.

        Example: an insured person suffered a work injury which resulted in amputation of his hand finger and the Medical Committee has estimated his partial disability at the rate of 40%, the insured shall be entitled to partial disability compensation according to the following equation:

        40% x AED 75.000 = AED 30.000

    17. If the insured has resigned out of his own will, what are the conditions of retirement pension entitlement?
      1. If the insured reached:

        48 years on 28/02/2015 + 20 years of service

        49 years on 26/02/2016 + 20 years of service

        50 years on 28/02/2017 + 20 years of service​

    18. Why am I always required to get a permission to leave the workplace during official mandates?
      1. ​The regulations adopted by employers regarding the official working hours and leaving the workplace shall be complied with to ensure the proper functioning of work. There is a link between leaving work for official mandates and the Pension Law application. In other words, if an employee has an accident, it is considered a work injury and related benefits are specified in the Law.
    19. What is my benefit, in terms of insurance, from increasing my service period?
      1. The longer the service period, the higher retirement pension you get, it may reach 100% of the pension salary after a period of (35) years of service. If the service period is longer, the extra period will be compensated by a salary of (3) months for each year, in addition to the retirement pension.​

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