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Issuing To Whom It May Concern Certificate

Last Update: 6/2/2020 1:50:52 PM

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Issue certificate  for pensioners and beneficiaries including pension salary details 

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Required Documents

  • Emirates ID 


​The customer must be a pensioner at the general pension and social security authority.​

Service Procedure

- Visit customer service center.   
- Provide required documents. 

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 Abu Dhabi - Headquarter,  Dubai - Elmanara Branch,  Dubai - Al Tawar branch,  Sharjah Branch, Fujeirah Branch, Ras Al Khaimah Branch

  1. FAQ
    1. What are the conditions of pension entitlement in case of the insured death?
      1. Pension shall be payable in this case to beneficiaries of the insured heirs and no conditions expressly provided in the Law in relation to certain period of service for pension entitlement where the insured registration or contribution to the Authority shall be sufficient.

        In addition to pension, a death compensation for AED 60.000 shall be paid​.​

    2. When shall the beneficiaries share in pension be paid?
      1. As from the beginning of the month following the death of the insured or pensioner.
    3. To whom retirement pension shall be paid after the death of the pensioner?
      1. Retirement pension shall be paid to the pensioner's beneficiary heirs and distributed among them in shares pursuant to provisions of Law.​
    4. When the widow shall be entitled to a share in her husband pension? And when this share discontinues?
        • A widow shall be entitled to her share in pension of her husband if marriage relation was existing until the death of the husband.
        • Widow pension discontinues when she remarries. ​
    5. Is the husband entitled to a share in his deceased wife pension?
      1. Yes, he is entitled provided that:

        • He shall be on health disability which prevents him from making a living.
        • This disability is evidenced by the Medical Committee of the Authority.​

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