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Addition of Previous Service

Last Update: 6/2/2020 12:22:45 PM

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Combine previous service terms to the current service period

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Required Documents

- Addition of previous service form. 
- Experience certificate. 
- Current salary certificate. 


  • ​The contributor must be employed by the organization at the time of submitting the request.
  • Previous service durations that ended being deprived from end of service benefits cannot be added.
  • Training or part time service durations cannot be added.
  • Service addition costs shall be completed in one payment or in monthly installments that do not exceed 48 months.

Service Procedure

- Visit GPSSA's portal specifically the employers services page.  
- Fill in the required data and attache the required documents. 

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  1. FAQ
    1. What are the consequences of the insured service end under a disciplinary decision by the employer in relation to entitlement of pension or gratuity?
        • The insured shall be deprived from quarter of gratuity.
        • The pensioner shall be deprived from quarter of pension. ​
    2. Is it mandatory to add all previous service periods?
      1. ​Adding previous service periods is an optional right for the employee (insured), thus he/she can add the service period or start over in a new job. The insurer can also choose a service period to be added in case of working for many employers, and also can include a part of a single service period. ​

    3. How the insured (contributing to Authority) can add his previous service period to current service periods and calculate them within the period whereby the pension is to be calculated?
      1. The insured shall have the right to apply for his previous service period according to the following conditions:

        • Submittal of an application to the Authority prior to end of service .
        • Payment of addition fees for 20% of Contribution Calculation Salary on the date of submitting addition application divided by the period requested to be added in months.​
    4. Is pension or gratuity is subject to deduction or seizure?
      1. Yes, seizure may be applied according to the following conditions:

        • The seizure shall be in payment of alimentary debt decided by the court.
        • The seizure shall be in payment of government debt for reasons relating to work or to recover amounts paid to the insured unreasonably during his service.
        • Rate of seizure shall not exceed ¼ of pension or gratuity.
    5. Should the employee be in service to be able to add previous service periods or purchase a legal service periods?
      1. ​Yes, the existing law requires that an employee shall be in service to be able to add the previous service periods or legal service periods; because the addition cost is calculated based on the salary at the time of addition request, and because the added service period is calculated with the pension to be disbursed from the next day of end of service date. 
    6. Is it possible after retirement to add the previous service period in an entity affiliated to Abu Dhabi Pension Fund?
      1. ​The only service duration that can be added is the previous service that the employee is being rewarded for. In other words, if the service of a national, eligible for a reward, working for an entity affiliated to ADRPBF is ended, this service period can be added if he/she returns back to work in an entity affiliated to ADRPBF or the Federal Pension Authority. 

    7. Is it posisble to add previous service period of less than one year?
      1. The service period of less than one year can be added, provided paying related cost.
    8. How addition cost is paid? Can it be paid on installments to the Authority?
      1. - It can be paid in one lot.

        - or on installment as follows:

        • Via cash payment equal to End of Service Indemnity the addition applicant received against the period requested to be added and remunerations shall be deducted from total addition costs.
        • Addition cost remaining shall be paid on monthly installments not less than quarter salary of the insured provided that the installment period shall not extend beyond four years or the date on which the insured shall become 60 years old, whichever comes earlier.
        • The insured shall submit an acknowledgement to the Authority to deduct addition installments from his monthly salary deposited in his bank account until full repayment and receipt of a release from the Authority.
        • If the insured person service is terminated without payment of total addition cost, added period shall be calculated against the sums already paid.

        The obligation to pay such installments shall be forfeited, if the service of the insured is terminated by death as he had paid 50% of the total addition cost payable by him. If the amount paid is less than 50% the remaining part of such percentage shall be deducted from the pensions of his beneficiaries.

    9. Is it advisable to add service period in all cases? And is it better to add the service period after working for a while or when starting a new job immediately and why?
      1. Adding the previous service periods increases the possibility of getting a retirement pension or increasing it. It’s always advisable to add the previous service periods upon joining a new one; because the addition cost is calculated based on the contribution salary as per the addition request date. 

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