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Employers Registration

Last Update: 6/2/2020 12:23:21 PM

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Employers registration in the public and private sectors in order to extend the social security umbrella to all UAE national employees working for these entities.

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Required Documents

Government Sector 
Official letter stating the intend of registration
Decree or law stipulating the incorporation of the establishment
Human resources regulation applied at the entity

Private Sector
Employer registration form duly filled, signed and stamped.
Valid trade license attested by the concerned authorities.
Agreement of establishment and its amendments, if applicable.
A Power of attorney showing authorized signatory, attested by the concerned authorities.
Emirates ID Card (of the owner/partner).
Passport (of the owner/partner).


Government Sector

Including federal government authorities, public authorities & establishments, and public companies in which the federal government contributes in, as well as the local entities subject to law no. (7) of the year 1999 on pension and social security.

Private Sector

Registration is open for all employers licensed by any emirate with the UAE, employers within the private sector, apart from those registered in Abu Dhabi Emirate, as they hav to register at Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Retirement Fund.

  • The employer must have at lease one UAE or GCC National on their payroll.

Service Procedure

- Visit GPSSA's portal specifically the employers services page.  
- Fill in the required data and attache the required documents. 

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  1. FAQ
    1. What is meant by the governmental and private sectors?
      1. The Federal Law on Pension and Social Security covers all nationals working in both the public and private sector all over UAE, except for Abu Dhabi where the workers are subject to Abu Dhabi pension law.

        It’s worth noting the private sector entities with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Citi Bank for instance, are subject to the federal pension law, i.e. they shall be registered at GPSSA, and their other branches across the emirates, including Abu Dhabi, shall be subject to this Law.

        As per entities with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, including their branches all over UAE, they shall be subject to the Abu Dhabi pension law, First Abu Dhabi bank for instance.

        The Governmental Sector:

        • Ministries, public institutions, , agencies and companies, and banks in which the Federal Government owns shares.
        • Local governmental authorities (Governments of Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah)

        The Private Sector:

        • Each natural or juridical person (Sole Proprietorship, office, company) employing national workers wherein the federal government is not a shareholder.​​​

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