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Registration of an insured

Last Update: 12/24/2020 11:12:12 AM

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Registration of all  UAE national employees working in the government and private sectors except workers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi And employees in the government sector of the Emirate of Sharjah 

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Required Documents

 Required Documents:
Government Sector
- Passport copy of the Contributor (insured)
- Emirates ID Copy of the Contributor (insured)
- Family Book provided by the insured upon his/her employment
- Birth Certificate copy or Age Estimation
- Three copies of the Insured Service Beginning Form (No. 1) duly filled
- The appointment resolution, self action, or employment contract, in accordance with the policies of each government entity
- A copy of the medical examination result upon employment
Private Sector
- Passport copy of the Contributor (insured)
- Emirates ID Copy of the Contributor (insured)
- Family Book provided by the insured upon his/her employment
- Birth Certificate copy or Age Estimation
- Insured Service Beginning Form (No. 1) – 3 copies
- Employment contract attested by the Ministry of Labor - 3 copies
- Medical examination result upon employment


  • The employee being registered must be a UAE national.
  • The employee being registered should be over 18 and under 60 years old when submitting the request
  • The registration request must be submitted within a maximum period of one month from the employees joining date.

Service Procedure

- Visit GPSSA's portal specifically the employers services page.  
- Fill in the required data and attache the required documents. 

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  1. FAQ
    1. What are the procedures to register and insure UAE nationals under the provisions of Pension and Social Security Law?
      1. An employer (of governmental or private sector) shall register UAE national employees with the Authority no later than one month  from their joining date.​​​
    2. Should a retired person returned to work in the state, what is status of his pension and may he combine his pension and work salary?
        • A retired person may contribute to the Authority again if his new job is in the Authority.
        • Pension payment shall be discontinued if work salary is equal or more than pension amount whether the return to work was with an entity associate to the Authority or other pensions fund in the state.
        • While if the work salary is less than pension amount, it shall be paid from pension within the limits of the difference between it and the salary.

        Note: If a person, retired due to total disability or non-fitness for work, returned to work, then his pension shall be cancelled.​​​

    3. What are the documents required for the registration of UAE Nationals with the Authority as contributors in order for them to become insured? And what are the registration requirements?
      1. Required documents

        • Passport Copy
        • Emirates ID Card Copy
        • Family Book ID Copy
        • Birth Certificate Copy or Age Estimation Document
        • 3 filled copies of 'service start form' of the insured (service start form no. 1).
        • Appointment letter, self-procedure or employment contract (for governmental sector).
        • Original copy of employment contract attested by the Ministry of Labor for citizens working for the private sector.
        • Photocopy of medical examination upon appointment.

        Registration conditions

        • An employee shall be fit for working upon registration.​
        • The national shall be working for any federal governmental entity (ministers, public authorities and associations, companies and banks with a government share) and local entities in the other emirates except for Abu Dhabi. 
        • The national shall not be enrolled in any pension funds affiliated to the military or the Ministry of Interior. ​
        • The age shall be 18+ and less than 60. 

    4. Is there any document proving that a UAE national employee has been registered with the Authority?
      1. Yes, the Authority issues an Insurance Number to the employee upon the completion of his registration by the the employer, . The employee should confirm with  his/her  employer that registration is completed within one month from their joining date.​
    5. Is registration at GPSSA mandatory?
      1. ​Insurance and contribution in the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) is deemed mandatory; as the Law on Pension and Social Security, like any other law, is mandatory and shall be applied to all entities of both public and private sectors. These entities shall register all national employees at GPSSA. 

        National employees shall inquire if they are registered at GPSSA, and shall immediately notify GPSSA of not being registered while insurance contributions are being deducted from their salaries as this is related to their rights and their families’ rights. 

        Accordingly, GPSSA advises private sectors entities, even if affiliated to the free zones, to register their national employees, otherwise GPSSA will strictly apply the provisions of the Law on Pension and Social Security and impose additional amounts on all employers to ensure the rights of nationals, in order to apply the law provisions that must be respected even by compliance. 
    6. Who is responsible for registering national employees in GPSSA records?
      1. ​Pursuant to the Pension Law, Employers shall bear the responsibility for registering national employees at GPSSA and shall pay contributions based on their salaries. In this context, national employees shall be kept aware of the importance of inquiring employers about their registration at GPSSA. In case employers refuse to clarify, employees shall report the matter to GPSSA.

    7. Shall I retroactively pay due contributions (5%) if I am not registered by my employer in GPSSA?​
      1. Yes, if a previously specified period of time has elapsed in the workplace, employees and employers shall pay contributions for the previous service periods.
    8. If I recovered from a total disability for which I have received a retirement pension and I am willing to return to work again. What shall I do regarding the pension?
      1. ​If the pensioner who receives pension as a result of total disability is willing to return to work, his/her pension will be stop and he/she will be covered by the Pensions Law again.​

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