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Pension Advance Request

Last Update: 6/2/2020 2:26:00 PM

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New pensioners, who satisfy retirement pension entitlement conditions, can receive urgent pension advance until completing pension disbursement procedures. This advance is paid with for a maximum term of three months from service end date and for the purpose of its disbursement, pensioners must submit an application through their employer accompanied by end of service supporting document.

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Estimated Time

3 to 5 working days

Required Documents

​• Pension advance disbursement application duly completed.
• End of service original financial procedure.
• End of service original ministerial decree.
• Bank account of the bank to which the pension is transferred attached to bank notice to avoid any error in transfer process.

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Government to IndividualsGovernment to Society

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Service Channels

 Abu Dhabi - Headquarter,  Dubai - Elmanara Branch,  Dubai - Al Tawar branch,  Sharjah Branch

  1. FAQ
    1. What are the procedures taken by the Authority in relation to newly retired persons to avoid delayed payment of their pension?
      1. The Authority pays monthly advance equal to payable pension for 3 months until pension is finally settled after having finished such documents and papers required in this regard.

        A pensioner requests payment of advance through the employer.​

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