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Request for Remuneration Upon Age Eligibility

Last Update: 6/2/2020 2:27:19 PM

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​Through this service, pensioners and beneficiaries may request the collection of their pending remunerations that were previously calculated but not paid at that time due to the pensioner's age inelegibility. ​

Note: This service does not apply to remunerations left unclaimed for more than 10 years; pensioners or beneficiaries are then required to visit the closest service center to get more details on their case.

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15 working days

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Service Procedure

​You can apply for this service online through the link available at the end of this page. Please continue reading the following information to know the required details before submitting your online application.

You need to login​ before submitting your online application.

Please follow the steps below if you choose to submit your application by hand:

  • ​visit one of GPSSA's customer service centers​ highlighted at the end of this page.
  • submit the service application form along with the required documents and get your reference number
  • wait until the concerned division completes the verification process of your application; check the service duration below.
  • start receiving pension salary if eligible  

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Government to IndividualsGovernment to PrivateGovernment to Government

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Not Applicable

Service Channels

E-services Portal

 Abu Dhabi - Headquarter,  Dubai - Elmanara Branch,  Dubai - Al Tawar branch,  Sharjah Branch

  1. FAQ
    1. I became 47 years old and served for 20 years, am I entitled to a pension directly after submitting my resignation?
      1. Starting from 28/2/2017, the persons entitled to pension upon resignation are those who reached (50) years old with (20) years of service. If the person resigned while he/she was below that age and served for (20) years, the pension shall not be disbursed until reaching the required age. ​
    2. What does the allocated pension mean?
      1. ​It means the pension that the individual is entitled to, known also as eligible or designated pension from a certain date. ​

    3. If the insured has resigned in March 2015 and his years of service were 20 years but his age is 47 years, what are the provisions of law applicable to this case?
      1. Pension shall be suspended and not be paid to the insured until he reaches the age of 48 in March 2016.

        End of service remuneration may not be paid in this case instead of deferred pension.​

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